Tips on how to Be Listed In North Carolina CNA Registry 

Tips on how to Be Listed In North Carolina CNA Registry

The Certified Nursing Assistant registry is normally a long database of healthcare personnel and it involves the first name, surname, the place of employment, training degrees and certifications and also evidence that they're certified along with the city and also district they're basically working in.

Almost all hospitals whether privately owned and even economically supported or probably community hospitals run by govt funds need to have a registry of nurses as well as licensed nursing assistants who work there.

CNAs migrating from other states to North Carolina should appear and pass a written and practical certification examination in order to get listed on the CNA registry in North Carolina since the North Carolina doesn't welcome reciprocity from a different state.


A CNA student who has graduated from a state accredited Certified Nursing Assistant training program and is gonna appear the CNA certification examination need to fill out and submit a written application form to "NC Department of Health & Human Services - Division of Health Service Regulation" in order to get listed on the North Carolina Certified Nursing Assistant Registry. Those CNA students who fruitfully pass the CNA certification exam will be listed on the NC CNA registry in approximately four days soon after passing the certification examination. 

After a CNA is listed on the NC CNA registry, the listing is valid only for twenty four months. After the completion of the first 24 months, the status in the listing must be renewed once again. There is no fee needed for a CNA certification renewal. 

In case you migrate from one state to a different one, you have to get in touch with your new state's CNA registry office to present them your certificate as well as any other paperwork they will require. You will have to give your current and up to date contact information and you need to inquire if there are any other laws and prerequisites that should be fulfilled so that you can qualify to work as a nursing assistant. 

Since the CNA registry in North Carolina would not acknowledge reciprocity from a different state; the migrating CNA should fill application for the certification examination and send it to registry office. The registry office will state the CNAs when and where the certification exam will take place. The certification renewal examination is just like the CNA certification exam. This examination will feature both written part as well as the clinical part to ensure the knowledge and skills of CNA. After fruitfully passing the exam, the migrating CNA will be put on the registry list which is valid for another twenty four months. 

The CNA registry is extremely important particularly for those who need to hire nursing assistants who've worked elsewhere or who claim to be certified. By checking the registry, all the information about that specific nursing aide is given thereby helping the employer make an informed decision. This can be a good way of knowing how knowledgeable a person is and also having a clean track record could bring one very good opportunities. 

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